Free Orthodontics Consultation

What Happens During your Free Orthodontic Consultation? Welcome to Surfside Kids Dental Almaden Valley, where we pride ourselves on our excellent patient service and family-fun office space! [...]

Children’s Permanent Teeth

When Will My Child’s Teeth & Permanent Molars Come In? Have you ever thought about when your child’s teeth and permanent molars will start to come in? There are so many different things to [...]

Committed to the Community

Surfside Dental is Committed to Our Community At Surfside Dental and Orthodontics, we believe that promoting good dental practices from a young age is key to lifelong dental health. For that [...]

Delicious, Low Sugar Treats for St. Patty’s Day

Delicious, Low Sugar Treats for St. Patty’s Day Check out our Land Park Kids Dentist and Orthodontist St. Patty’s Day Treats below! Feelin’ lucky Surfsiders?! This past month we partnered [...]

Ways to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with Your Little Ones

This year we’re sharing our top tips to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day from Surfside Kids Dental Pleasant Hill. Get ready to celebrate with your little ones on February 28th. This fun [...]

National Children’s Dental Health Month: How We Put Families First

As we take notice of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’ve considered how much we care about the patients who entrust us each and every day, both at our Land Park location and others. We [...]

Shark Teeth

Dr. Gonzalez’s Talks Shark Teeth Have you peeked into your child’s mouth and noticed something a little strange? A double row of teeth in their mouth…just like shark teeth?! While it can [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Dental Insurance for Kids

Understandably so, Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Care Insurance Can Be Confusing. One thing you can expect from our team is clear communication of your insurance benefits coverage from the [...]

Fun Dental Gifting Amazon Ideas

As the holidays approach we are happy to help you out with the best dental themed gifts to add to your shopping list. Encouraging dental health for kids around the holidays is important when [...]

What Parents Should Know About Inspecting Baby Teeth

Today we’re hyper-focused on, say it with us, Preventative Care! As your child’s teeth come in gradually we encourage parents to introduce at-home care and habits early. Here are a few tips [...]