What Parents Should Know About Inspecting Baby Teeth

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Today we’re hyper-focused on, say it with us, Preventative Care! As your child’s teeth come in gradually we encourage parents to introduce at-home care and habits early. Here are a few tips for good infant dental hygiene.

Your Baby’s At-Home Dental Care

We believe oral health care begins before your baby’s first tooth appears. It’s never too soon, we recommend introducing an infant toothbrush to your child early. Chewing on the brush is therapeutic for babies gums and is encouraged. You can start healthy habits with your baby at home by visually inspecting your children’s teeth often, even daily. Be on the lookout for signs of any teeth erupting. Once your baby’s first tooth appears, keep a lookout for any tartar or plaque buildup on their teeth. We encourage daily brushing with an infant or finger toothbrush. Some children are more susceptible to plaque than others so at this stage a simple check, brush, and wipe is a great habit to start. If there are any yellow, brown or white spots, tooth discoloration, or holes in the tooth let our Surfside Kids’ Dental office know immediately.​

#TIP To help avoid tooth decay we recommend steering clear of allowing your infant to sleep with a bottle, thumb sucking, consumption of sugary beverages such as sodas, juices or Gatorade, sticky candies, fruit snacks or gummy foods.

When Should I Take My Baby to the Dentist?

A big part of our patient education begins with new parents. The most common question we receive from parents is asking when to bring their baby in for their first dental visit?

We say, the first tooth, first visit! Once your baby’s first tooth appears, we recommend scheduling an appointment to see their soon to be favorite pediatric dentist.​

Visiting Surfside Kids’ Dental

At each visit, you are greeted by a Surfside Registered Dental Assistant who will introduce you to our office and educate you on what to expect during your visit. They will also teach you how to properly clean your baby’s teeth and give you helpful tips for daily upkeep and routine habits. This first visit to your local kids’ dental office will include an infant lap exam for your little one. Our Sacramento Pediatric Dentists will check for cavities, mouth and jaw development and go over any concerns present. We do a lap exam when your child is young to encourage comfortability and ease of experience for your child. Each office visit includes a printed wave photo a small toy, a goodie bag with a brush, paste, floss, and sticker. Bringing your child in early allows for a positive atmosphere, awareness, and relationships with our team members. At Surfside, we are focused on providing a positive, happy and fun visit.

Uninsured? We offer a $25 Infant exam Special for new patients ages 1-24 months which includes a comprehensive oral exam, cleaning, and Fluoride if needed.

In the case where kids may feel nervous or cry during the appointment, please don’t worry, we are trained and educated on the best practices to ease your child and provide a safe, fun experience.

Implementing a regular routine will ensure great dental hygiene and practice preventative care. Make it a priority, & make it fun! We look forward to helping your child achieve a healthy and beautiful smile now and in the future. For more information on our pediatric or orthodontic services, contact Surfside Kids’ Dental ​today!

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