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What Happens During your Free Orthodontic Consultation?- Surfside Almaden ValleyWhat Happens During your Free Orthodontic Consultation?

Welcome to Surfside Kids Dental Almaden Valley, where we pride ourselves on our excellent patient service and family-fun office space! Going to the dentist can be scary, and we are here to alleviate any type of fear you or your child may have! If you’re interested in coming by to see us for a free orthodontic consultation, here’s what to expect: 


Walking into Surfside Kids Dental, you will be greeted by our amazing front office staff! They will begin by giving you and your child clipboard with some quick and easy forms to fill out. 

Cephalometric & Panoramic (2-D) Dimensional X-Rays 

These are big words, but nothing to be afraid of! We will run some tests, such as the Cephalometric & Panoramic (2-D) Dimensional X-Rays so that our staff can fully understand what is going on in each patient’s mouth. This will help them come up with the best possible orthodontic plan for you, customized to each patient!

Next up, we will take a beautiful, smiling photo of you or your child! Say cheese!

Orthodontic Consultation 

Next, we begin the consultation! Our amazing team of dentists will go through the images on the previous tests and x-rays. This way, the dentists will be able to start discussing the different orthodontic plans to give you or your child the results you are looking for! 

Treatment Options

Our lovely team of dental assistants will then sit down with you and your family to go over the different treatment options!  With hands-on displays to show you the different ways your orthodontic needs can look, each patient and their family are fully aware of what is to come! 

Meeting with Orthodontic Specialist

Meet your Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Ryan Plewe! Dr. Plewe is the best at what he does – he will do a thorough evaluation to fully demonstrate what will be happening when those braces or Invisalign go on your teeth. With your dental x-rays on display on the televisions screens, Dr. Plewe will fully explain every step of the process so that everyone can understand. 

After Your Consultation

After your consultation is complete, our treatment coordinator will tailor and discuss the best treatment plan unique to you. Working hard to ensure investing in a great smile is attainable, we offer multiple, affordable payment options that fit your needs. These include:

  • Dental insurance benefits
  • Flexible spending account (FSA)
  • Health savings account (HSA)
  • Care credit

If you have any other questions about a FREE orthodontic consultation or payment options, please contact our Surfside Dental Offices! We would be happy to answer any questions and we look forward to making you smile! 

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