#SurfsideTV Employee Highlights from our Sacramento Location!

We are committed to making sure you have a totally awesome experience here at Surfside, and what better way to do that than showcasing just a few of our awesome team members? Today, we’ll [...]

Vote For Us on Nextdoor as Neighborhood Favorite

We’re a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Here at Surfside Dental, we are committed to bringing you not only the best in dental care but to give you a fun, welcome environment no matter your age. We [...]

Ways to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with Your Little Ones

This year we’re sharing our top tips to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day from Surfside Kids Dental Pleasant Hill. Get ready to celebrate with your little ones on February 28th. This fun [...]

National Children’s Dental Health Month: How We Put Families First

As we take notice of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’ve considered how much we care about the patients who entrust us each and every day, both at our Land Park location and others. We [...]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipe

Happy National Heart Month Friends! With love notes and candy heart exchanges all around, we have teamed up with Sacramento local mom-business owner, Brittany Davis of @thewillowco to bring you [...]

Shark Teeth

Dr. Gonzalez’s Talks Shark Teeth Have you peeked into your child’s mouth and noticed something a little strange? A double row of teeth in their mouth…just like shark teeth?! While it can [...]

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Returning to all Surfside Kids Dental locations is the one and only…Santa Claus! Save your money and the long line at the mall, Santa is coming to a Surfside location near you! Mark your [...]

Candies to Avoid This Halloween

Enjoying delicious candy can be problematic for people who wear braces. So, you’re probably wondering what candies to eat and what candies to avoid this Halloween. You don’t have to avoid all the [...]

Twin-Force Bite Corrector Information

Twin-Force Bite Corrector Information Twin-Force Bite Corrector is a device that will properly align your upper and lower jaw. It is an effective approach than elastics and cannot be removed. [...]


Orthodontic Separators The purpose of separators is to create space between your back molars between your teeth, in an effort to allow for orthodontic “bands” to fit around your teeth properly. [...]