Candies to Avoid This Halloween

Enjoying delicious candy can be problematic for people who wear braces. So, you’re probably wondering what candies to eat and what candies to avoid this Halloween. You don’t have to avoid all the sweets this Halloween, but there are some candies that pose a threat to your oral health. Our Surfside Kids Dental team of pediatric dentists single out the following Halloween candies as the worst for you if you wear braces.

Avoid Sweets with Nuts if You Have Braces

If you wear braces, it is a bad idea for you to eat candy that contains nuts. Nuts are a healthy snack but they can damage brackets, wires, and rubber bands. Many Sacramento pediatric dentists will discourage you from eating these candies until your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Anything Gummy Should Go if You Have Braces

Any gummy candy, such as gummy bears, should also be avoided if you wear braces. These candies can stick onto your braces and teeth, and that means that you risk damaging the braces and their components. Sticky candy also increases the risk of tooth decay. You really don’t want to have cavities after you’ve had your braces removed at Surfside Kids Dental.

Caramel is Out of the Question if You Have Braces

Caramel can easily stick onto your braces and teeth, and it is a nightmare to remove the caramel once it sticks. No wonder leading orthodontists in Land Park discourage people with braces from eating caramel. The high amount of sugar in these candies gives oral bacteria a feast, and you are likely to develop cavities and tooth decay beneath the wires of your braces since these places are hard to clean.

Hard Candies Are Not Advised if You  Have Braces

You should avoid any type of Halloween candy that is hard if you wear braces. When you bite into these hard candies, the pieces that break off can cause the wires and brackets of your braces to bend or even break. Remember, any change to the configuration of the braces can delay your orthodontic treatment. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Avoid Chewy Sweets Altogether if You Have Braces

Candy bars and other forms of chewy sweets aren’t recommended for people with braces. As you chew, a bracket or band can pop loose from your braces. Additionally, as you chew this type of candy, you are likely to feel pain as the chewy candy exerts pressure on your teeth.

Tips on Halloween Candy

However, Halloween doesn’t have to pass you by if you wear braces.  Now that you know the candies to avoid this Halloween, Surfside Kids Dental offers the following tips that you should implement if you want to eat candy on Halloween.

  • Opt for candies that are soft and melt in your mouth as you eat them. Peanut butter cups and pure chocolate are examples of safe sweets your Land Park orthodontist recommends. This type of candy isn’t hard to bite into and it won’t stick onto your teeth, and that is why it poses minimal risk to your braces.
  • Indulge in moderation. It isn’t advisable for you to eat candy on Halloween all day long. Remember, each piece of candy that you eat gives oral bacteria food for 20-30 minutes, so imagine the damage that the oral bacteria will do to your teeth if you eat candy all day and allow the bacteria colonies to multiply rapidly.
  • Brush and floss half an hour after eating sweets. Your local Land Park Orthodontist cautions that you shouldn’t brush immediately after eating Halloween sweets. The reason is that the acids in those sweets will damage your tooth enamel as you brush, and that is why waiting for half an hour is advisable. You can also rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating candy so that the water removes these sugars from your mouth as you wait to brush your teeth.

The main objective of wearing braces is to get a better smile and improve the function of your teeth. Don’t let your love for Halloween candy cloud your judgment and make you lose sight of getting your perfect smile. If you must eat candy, do so in a responsible way, as discussed above, and keep the amount of sugar you consume to a minimal. Remember, Surfside Kids Dental is available to answer all your questions about dental braces in addition to adjusting, repairing or replacing your braces if they ever get damaged. So, contact us today!


Have a happy and safe Halloween,

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