Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits

Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits

During the holidays we can get busy. Ok, very busy. Ok, like really crazy busy. It is an easy time to get out of good oral hygiene habits, and so it is also a good time to be mindful of the importance of those habits and make an extra effort. Here are a few tips and trips for how to keep your teeth happy and healthy for the holidays!

#1- Keep up the Good Work! You’ve worked hard all year round to start some good habits, so don’t stop now! Grab a pack of toothbrushes at a dollar store to have with you when you are at family or friend’s houses late, and you know your kids are going to fall asleep on the way home. Send a message to your kids about how important their teeth are by making it a part of your celebrations!

#2- Rinse and swish after sugary treats and drinks. You may think your kids aren’t paying attention to your dental habits, but they are. According to pediatricians and researchers all across the web children constantly imitate their parent’s behaviors. So, set a great example, and encourage your children to follow suit. Bring water wherever you go, and after you’ve indulged in that deliciousness, give your teeth a break with a little swish and rinse. Extra credit if the water is salty, but don’t forget to spit that out into a sink nearby!

#3- Eat the good stuff too! There’s usually a veggie tray nearby. Eating crunchy vegetables, like celery, carrots, and cauliflower increases saliva in your mouth, which will remineralize enamel, as well as add a layer of protection to your pearly whites. So, along with the nutrients doing your body good, the fiber will give your teeth and gums a fighting chance at blocking those “sugar bugs” entrance to your chompers.

#4- Make it special! Look for holiday themes toothbrushes and toothpaste. Give these as gifts to your kids, or make them a holiday tradition. Grandma used to give me socks, but a Superman or Cinderella toothbrush would be super cool, too!

#5- Use a star chart. This one is good all year round, but implementing it now will give you an extra push through these next busy months. If children have a chance to earn a special trip with mom or dad, or a chance to pick a fun outing for the family they will be eager to get those stars on the board, and a nagging child is hard to ignore! Sometimes it is from exhaustion that we want to fall into bed without first caring for those oh-so-important mouthpieces, so put some of that motivation responsibility to those kids who never tire. If they are motivated, they may stop you from letting it slide, at least a couple times, and that could save you a world of hurt later.

We hope these reminders will lend you a hand in the next few sweet-filled months ahead. Hoping to see you soon at the Surfside Kids Dental, and from our beach to yours, here’s hoping your holidays are happy!

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