5 Bad Habits that will Guarantee Cavities

The best way to ensure you’ll end up with strong, healthy and capable teenagers is to get young children into healthy habits, and with teeth it is absolutely no different. A child’s language [...]

Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE

Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE We want coming to our Northern California pediatric dental offices to feel like coming home. Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense that going to the dentist can [...]

 The Anatomy Of A Tooth

Does your child often wonder what the pediatric dentist is actually telling her while treating her teeth? When he says “crown,” does she think he means the top of a person’s head, or the paper [...]

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is a fun holiday for both parents and their kids. For parents, its a great opportunity to showcase their creativity and their fun side. And for the kids, wearing costumes of their [...]

We Want Your Candy!

It’s that time again, Candy Buy Back! Happy almost Halloween! We know it is super cool to get the most candy. Candy is great fun, and it’s delicious too! Now there is something else that’s [...]

Totally Cool Fact about Your Fangs

Alright surfers, it’s spooky season and we want to test your knowledge on facts about your fangs! You chew with them, you keep them clean and you know how important they are to your daily [...]

Fun Facts About Animal Teeth

We aren’t all artists and performers, but sometimes we need to get really creative to engage our children with keeping their teeth clean. A redirection is an important tool. Sometimes just having [...]

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month

When it comes to children’s oral health, it’s best to start them young. This is one of the reasons why National Children’s Dental Health Month is so important. It is during this short period that [...]

Fun and Educational Kids’ Dental Facts

Parents: Share These Fun and Educational Kids’ Dental Facts with Your Children Teaching your young ones good oral hygiene practices can be a tricky endeavor. You can either go for the usual scare [...]