We Want Your Candy!

We want your candy!

It’s that time again, Candy Buy Back!

Happy almost Halloween! We know it is super cool to get the most candy. Candy is great fun, and it’s delicious too! Now there is something else that’s cool about candy. Your candy can earn you m$ney!

Here at Surfside we want you to win in every possible way. Did you know that for every pound of candy that you donate to Move America Forward, through our office, you will get $1 back up to $5! It’s a great way to give back to the community, which will make you and your kids feel great too!

There are also, of course, a few health benefits to ditching all that candy.  For one thing, you know eating too much candy can give you a stomach ache. Another thing is that your Land Park Pediatric Dentist would warn you that eating a bunch of sugar, especially right before bed, will endanger your pearly whites! Don’t forget to brush very extra special carefully before bed on October 31st, and on any day when you have candy or sugary drinks.

Below we have included a list of 10 totally awesome alternatives to candy. You can hand out any or all of these at your house this Halloween. According to some kids we know, they are as cool as, if not better than any candy bar.

10. Bouncy Balls- These are small, colorful and will give you hours of fun and activity (to work off all that extra sugar we know you will be eating!) Glow in the dark is a plus!

9. Stickers- Yeah, stickers are always going to work. Halloween themed, of course!

8. Sugar-free gum- Sugar-free gum is fun, yummy and will actually help to stimulate the saliva in your mouth. It is kind of like candy, but it cleans your teeth as you chew!

7. Glow-in-the-dark bracelets- Ok, really anything glow-in-the-dark is going to be a hit on this creepy cool late night.

6. Snacks- Stores often offer pretzels and chip packets with Halloween themed pictures on the packaging. Sneaking something that resembles food in amongst all the sugary treats can do a lot to help offset the inevitable sugar crash.

5. Spider and skull rings or necklaces- creepy jewelry jumping out at you from your bag can definitely be scary in a fun way.

4. Modeling clay- Whether you want to make your own, and put it in a little Tupperware, or use the store-bought kind, you can make something too delightful on this fun and fabulous night.

3. Bubbles- Seriously though. When are bubbles NOT a good idea?

2. Temporary Tattoos- What better way to commemorate a great night than with a cool tattoo? Extra points for Halloween themes!

1. Slap bracelets!- Last, but not least, these fantastic physics-defying decorations will delight even your scariest ghost or goblin.

So, get out there and have a happy Halloween, from all of us here at Surfside, and don’t forget to keep your fangs fabulous with a little extra TLC (tender loving care.)

Surf’s Up!

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