Fun and Educational Kids’ Dental Facts

Parents: Share These Fun and Educational Kids’ Dental Facts with Your Children

Teaching your young ones good oral hygiene practices can be a tricky endeavor. You can either go for the usual scare tactics or engage them by making it educational and fun. Ever wonder why dentists’ children have such beautiful teeth? It’s not just genetics, chances are those children are learning about great brushing and flossing techniques at an early age. 

If you are looking to have some fun with your kids and their brushing routine, here are some kids’ dental facts that you can share with your children that will both educate and entertain their inquisitive minds. 

Fact: Kids who brush their teeth only target 60 percent of the bacteria 

In order to cover for the remainder, flossing is essential. Kids should be flossing with gentle tools made for kids. Ask your Pediatric Dentist for some recommendations on how to floss properly and which floss to use. 

38.5 days

That’s the total amount of time an average American will brush his teeth over a lifetime. That’s it? Keep up the great work kids!

300 types of bacteria in plaque

That’s the number of harmful bacteria that can be found in plaque. If this doesn’t motivate your kids to clean their teeth every day, we don’t know what will. 

Cheese is good for your teeth

Cheese contains both calcium and phosphorous which help reduce the pH level of plaque while replenishing the minerals found in the enamel.

Favoring one side of your mouth

Lefties usually chew on the left side of their mouth while right-handed people chew on their right side. Next time you sit down with your kids for a meal, ask them which side they tend to chew on.

Dear Kids, You’re lucky there’s toothpaste available

In lieu of toothpaste, Romans who lived in 200 AD used a mixture of honey, oyster shells, bones and eggshells to clean their teeth. 

That’s one heavy tooth

Elephants have teeth that can weigh as much as six pounds and measure one foot.

How to save a tooth

Got your tooth knocked out? There’s still a way to save it. Either place it in milk or hold it in your mouth. Otherwise, it will die within 15 minutes.

That’s way too many chompers

The average human has 32 teeth. Dogs have 42, cats 30, pigs 44, and armadillos 104. But all of these pale in comparison to snails, which have over 25,000.


The future of medicine is in your teeth

Human teeth contain stem cells that can be used to regrow them. 

Once a tooth is broken

Unlike bones and other body parts that can be mended, your teeth do not have the ability to repair themselves. This is why you need to go to a pediatric dentist for treatments.

No sugar = no tooth decay

Historians discovered that people who lived during prehistoric times did not suffer from tooth decay. The main reason behind this is the absence of sugar from their diet. Next time your kids ask for a treat, remind them of the effects of sugar on their teeth. 

Strong stuff

What’s the strongest substance in your body? Your tooth enamel. It’s so strong that it is capable of protecting your teeth from bacteria that cause cavities. 

So, there you have it, some fun conversation pieces to help educate and motivate your kids right into healthy dental care habits.

Until next time, Dudes!

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