Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE

Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE

We want coming to our Northern California pediatric dental offices to feel like coming home. Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense that going to the dentist can bring on some anxiety and fear, but we make every effort to counter those feelings your kids may be having with fun and friendly interactions and an exciting atmosphere. We think about everything from the mural on the front of the building, to what kind of disposable cups our patients will like the best. Oh, and you have to check out our latest partnership to bring you the purest lip balm around!

If you ever have any concerns or questions, our caring staff are interested and eager to hear what you want to say. We take extra special care in our decorations, tidiness and all the little preparations for our office and your visit. The attention to detail that our doctors and staff use may not always be so obvious, but we hope you can feel it when you walk through the door. We know you can hear it in our voices, and see it in our quality of care. One particular way that we show that we care for our customers (and our staff!) at Surfside Kids Dental, is that we keep our entire office latex-free.

Latex Issues: Did you know?

Recent studies show that the number of latex-sensitive individuals is on the rise, and latex sensitivities can develop over time. So, it is important to be aware of the early signs of a developing allergy. If your skin turns red, or you develop a rash after contact with a product made from latex, it is important to consult with a doctor to determine the severity of your particular case. Being aware of a potential allergy can help avoid the more severe reactions to latex. Worst-case reactions can be anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal!

So, you can understand why, at Surfside Kids Dental, we decided to “nip fear in the bud”. This variation on an old saying means that we understand that you don’t need one more thing to be worried about when you’re heading into the dentist’s chair.

We offer latex-free everything in our Dental Offices!

Cups, rubber bands, gloves, and even our balloons are made out of alternative materials. How cool is that?!

Whether it is for a routine check -up or an out of hand sugar bug, we are ready to meet your dental needs. We care about your concerns, and you will never find latex in this office. Surfside kids dental is a latex-free zone.

Head on in with your dental needs whenever you need a friend, who is also a dental expert. And in the meantime, keep on riding the wave!

NO BAD DAYS surfers!


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