Why You Should Keep Your Dental Appointment

Keeping your child’s dentist appointment

The kids are busy with summer activities. And whether you are working outside of the home or managing a family, as a parent, you have so many other responsibilities to take care of as well that seem to be more urgent. In such instances, it’s so easy to call the dental office and request for your kids’ dental appointment to be rescheduled. It’s the responsible thing to do, rather than just have the dentist wait for his or her patients that will not come, right?

Well, you surely will not inconvenience your child, as they would likely prioritize a visit to the dentist pretty low on the to-do list. (Unless it’s a visit to a super fun office like Surfside Kids Dental) And most dental offices understand a busy schedule, but when your children complain of terrible toothaches, parents will understandably ditch everything on the calendar to have them checked and treated by the dentist?

It’s a no-brainer, really — if you don’t want serious oral health issues for your child, then something as simple as keeping their dental check-up appointment should never be delayed.

Do you know that all sorts of oral problems can develop between dental appointments?

This is one of the main reasons why you should keep your dental appointment. Especially if you’re often unable to monitor your children’s oral habits because they’re in school or they spend time outside of your care, perhaps with another parent. If you make a commitment to never miss your children’s dental appointment, you’ll be informed of what your children have been doing so far that impact their dental health – like their habit of chewing their pencil in school, or eating too much candy, or not flossing at all.

Another reason is, even if your children are not that conscientious about proper oral care regular dental cleanings can easily get rid of buildups like plaque or tartar to prevent tooth decay, which is actually more difficult and expensive to treat.

And lastly, keeping your children’s dental appointment will remind you of how truly important you are to your children’s oral health. The dentist can provide you pieces of advice or tips (such as replacing certain snacks with healthier alternatives, or playing music that the kids can brush to so they brush long and thorough enough each time) so you can be more helpful in preserving your children’s teeth and gums, especially if they have habits or behaviors that affect oral health (which are not easy to get rid of).

So, don’t make your children’s busy schedule, or your own, or your kids’ fear of the dentist, prevent you from taking them to their appointment at the dental office — that’s the truly responsible thing to do.

For more info on easing your child’s fear of the dentist, check out our previous post.

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