A Confident Smile Equals Confident Kids

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Teenagers are hip, cool, snappy and confusing! Maybe your child is young enough that you aren’t even considering middle school yet, or maybe your sweetheart just started 7th grade, and you can’t figure out where the time went so fast! When kids hit adolescence things can quickly get a bit tricky in their social world. Of course, we would all agree that our children are the funniest, coolest, spunkiest and full of confidence. When they are out there boogie boarding and swimming, we often look at them and think, “How great is it that they are so daring and self-assured!”

However, once they hit their teenage years, these same spunky youth may start to feel insecure about themselves and their abilities. Physical appearance is often the focus of this insecurity. As parents, there is not always much we can do to help them process through this time. However, there are ways we can help behind the scenes! Having crooked, misaligned, gapped, or crowded teeth can create havoc in every aspect of your life and lower your self-confidence. Of course, if our kids want a cool shirt or a pair of shoes, we’re probably going to buy it for them. Preparing our kids for middle school and high school should always include proper dental care.
With a healthy set of teeth and some minor orthodontic treatment early on, their smiles can stay bright and beautiful, all through the years when many adolescents are struggling with the challenges of being in a new and bubbling social world. Invisalign, invisible, braces allow preteens and teens to have straight smiles without chunky braces obstructing their features or interfering with proper brushing and flossing. These busy teenagers have a plethora of special events, including prom, homecoming, yearbook photos and graduation. That’s a million and one photo ops! Starting treatment earlier ensures that teeth will be straight and stunning when your child most needs that perfect smile. Thanks to Invisalign, it’s never too late to start adjustments that will make you feel more beautiful and more confident.

Adults are always taking pictures of their kids, and at some point, our children start noticing their appearance. Invisalign has conducted more than a few studies of their patients to better understand how having straight teeth can affect confidence. Talk to your Surfside Orthodontist today to learn more about what orthodontic treatment is right for your wild child’s developing jaw and teeth!

Stay cool and have fun in school!

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