Maxillary Expansion Appliances Instructions

The Maxillary Expansion Appliances are used to expand your upper jaw. The key that we gave you fits into your appliance, please follow the suggested schedule for turning the appliance with the key as instructed during your initial visit. Too many turns may cause discomfort. Too few turns will not produce the desired results.

How to Use your Maxillary Expansion Appliance Key

The key is put into the appliance and pushed backward to turn the expansion screw. Push the key backward as far as it will go, so that the key can be put into the appliance for the next turn. Either you or your parent can turn the expansion screw with the key.

Please keep a long piece of string attached to the expansion key to avoid accidental swallowing of the key when turning the appliance.

Space will open between the upper front teeth as the appliance widens the arch. Do not get alarmed, this is an expected change. The space will disappear as the front teeth come back together after the desired expansion has occurred.

Please use your toothbrush to clean the teeth and appliances. With good oral hygiene, you will protect against cavities and gum disease.

If you feel extreme pain or dizziness, stop turning the appliance and call the office.

Maxillary Expansion Appliance Instruction

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