Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits

Holiday Hoopla and Dental Hygiene Habits During the holidays we can get busy. Ok, very busy. Ok, like really crazy busy. It is an easy time to get out of good oral hygiene habits, and so it is [...]

Get Kids to Cooperate at the Dentist

In general, getting kids to cooperate is one of the more challenging aspects to parenting. Part of the problem is that kids have their own agenda, and going to the dentist probably isn’t very [...]

Toothbrush and Toothpaste for Kids

We all want the best for our kids. When it comes to dental care we want to go to the best pediatric dentist (Surfside, of course!), get the best toothbrush, and buy the best toothpaste. The first [...]

5 Bad Habits that will Guarantee Cavities

The best way to ensure you’ll end up with strong, healthy and capable teenagers is to get young children into healthy habits, and with teeth it is absolutely no different. A child’s language [...]

Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE

Latex Free Dentistry, Equals LOVE We want coming to our Northern California pediatric dental offices to feel like coming home. Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense that going to the dentist can [...]

 The Anatomy Of A Tooth

Does your child often wonder what the pediatric dentist is actually telling her while treating her teeth? When he says “crown,” does she think he means the top of a person’s head, or the paper [...]

Are Gummy Vitamins Healthy For Kids?

Vitamins are essential for the growth and development of children. That is why many parents provide their children with supplements like gummy vitamins. For some parents of picky eaters, gummy [...]