Three Types of Braces for Kids

 If your child has an overbite, under-bite, or misaligned teeth, your dentist will recommend braces so that he can have perfectly straight teeth.

The braces will be attached when he’s 12 years old, or perhaps a little younger– around the time when your child has lost all of his/her primary teeth and 12-year molars are at least partially erupted. We recommend scheduling an Ortho consult as young as 8 years old. With our digital x-ray technology we can see the beginnings of wisdom teeth and the growth of the adult teeth below the surface of the gums.

There are three types of “traditional” braces for kids that you and your child can choose from. The main differences among these options lie in the material and how they’re attached to the teeth so that they can gently apply pressure to your child’s teeth and move them into their right position in order to achieve a beautiful smile.

Metal Braces

 These are what everybody’s most familiar with because they’re also the most visible, even if bracket designs have changed a lot over the years. Metal braces have two major components: the brackets attached to every tooth and the arch wire that is threaded through each bracket. It’s the wire’s job to apply pressure to teeth so that they can move to their proper position and allow new bone to grow in the place they have moved from. To assist teeth’s movement, elastics are used; these exert constant force to move teeth and, therefore, must be worn at all times and changed every day.

Clear Braces

 These orthodontic braces function the same way as metal braces except that the brackets are either tooth-colored or clear so they’re less noticeable. Your kid might prefer them if he’s rather self-conscious about having his teeth fixed.  The issue with ceramic brackets is that they’re not as durable as metal ones, but if your child can promise to be very careful, there’s a low likelihood of his brackets being replaced with new ones throughout the duration of the treatment.

It’s important to mention as well that there are ceramic braces that use free-sliding technology. This can make orthodontic treatments shorter in duration, and at the same time, even less noticeable because it does away with elastics or ties. Be sure to ask your Orthodontist about that.


Last, when discussing Orthodontics, we don’t want to leave out the option of aligners. Aligners have become popularly known by the brand, Invisalign. Many parents are opting for Invisalign treatment for their older kids who are likely to be responsible enough to keep track of them and manage the treatment time appropriately. Be sure to request an appointment today at one of the three convenient Northern California locations listed below.

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