Teens And Orthodontics

Teens And Orthodontics

The teen years can be exciting, fun and life-changing, but it can also be busy, confusing and challenging. With so many things on their plate, taking care of their health – particularly dental health – can easily be neglected.

When the state of your child’s teeth gets delegated to the back seat, it can lead to consequences that are deeper than having a less-than-perfect smile. Bad teeth can affect a teenager’s confidence, impacting their academic performance and social life. And if dental problems are not addressed effectively, then these may lead to more serious conditions that won’t only involve the teeth and gums but also their overall health.  

It’s so important to be extra vigilant about taking care of your teenager’s smile because of the unique developments the body undergoes during these years that can affect their dental health. Most (if not all) of a person’s baby teeth will be gone by age 12, so whatever gaps, overbites, underbites and misalignment you see then more or less involves permanent teeth. Taking your child to a dentist who has a solid experienced with teens and orthodontics is a must for early diagnosis and treatment.

Another reason why the teenage years is a good time for orthodontic treatments is because by that time, most of the teeth have just recently settled in place. Adjusting teeth alignment, spacing and positioning will be easier and less complicated than getting treatments as an adult, when the teeth have already developed a stronger hold. Thus, orthodontic treatments lead to better results when done during this crucial period in life.    

The earlier you make the investment for your teeth’s dental health, the more valuable the benefits you can reap from it. The teen years is a sensitive time – by arming them with the essentials and giving support where needed, you’re helping them build a strong framework for success. When you help your teeth achieve straighter teeth, you reduce their vulnerability to risks of dental problems such as cavities and infection that misaligned teeth are prone to. Moreover, strong and healthy teeth allow your teens to eat properly, so they can meet the nutritional requirements that their growing body needs.

Some of the common options for correcting crooked teeth are traditional metal brackets, clear braces, Invisalign and lingual braces. Not all of these are suitable for your teen, so it’s best to see an Orthodontist who understands the options available to you. Talk to a trusted family dentist today to know more about gifting your teen with a great smile for life.


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