Celebrate National Orthodontic Month

Everybody looks forward to October – well, actually, it’s often the end of October because of the candy-fest that is Halloween.

Young and old look forward to all the sweet treats they’ll get going to Halloween parties and Trick-or-Treating. So, the fact that October is also the National Orthodontic Month is easily overlooked, even if it pairs well with Halloween festivities.

This event deserves to be celebrated in a grand way as well. After all, more than 4 million people in the US wear braces. Orthodontic braces are responsible for some of the most beautiful smiles that the world has ever seen. Not only that, braces yield results that boost self-confidence and provide other health benefits such as better digestion and facial comfort, as well as prevention of tooth damage.

Many dental clinics across the nation already celebrate in their own little ways. Some get very festive and deck out their offices with orthodontic-themed décor such as Jack-o-Lanterns wearing braces (very appropriate, since it’s Halloween at the end of the month), and bunting made to look like brackets and wires. Meanwhile, some give out cute orthodontist cookies or new hygiene packages to their patients. Suffice it to say, there’s a movement to make National Orthodontic Month a truly fun and relevant occasion.

So, if you have a kid who’s scheduled to get her braces this month, the life event can actually become very meaningful. Most of the time, young people worry about how braces will affect their appearance and routine. But if your kid gets her braces this October, all the efforts to celebrate the special occasion and direct focus on the many great benefits of the orthodontic treatment may help calm her worries and give her a good perspective of the procedure.

And if your child will be getting her braces at Surfside Kids Orthodontics Clinics in Elk Grove, Land Park, Pleasant Hill and Almaden Valley, she’s in for a considerably pleasant experience. The specialists provide services that clearly demonstrate their exceptional skill and topnotch training. Not only do they go about the procedure flawlessly, but they also focus on the psychology of their young patients. They don’t mind the extra work to ensure that kids aren’t stressed during their orthodontic treatment.

It’s worth mentioning as well that all of the orthodontic specialists at Surfside Kids Dental are also educated in the practice of treating young patients with special needs. It goes without saying that they are the best people to trust for orthodontic treatments.

National Orthodontic Month is a big deal at Surfside Kids Dental. It presents a wonderful opportunity to stress the importance of orthodontics for the overall health of some people. At the same time, the event does make wearing braces somewhat cool.

To everyone with braces (or even those without), Happy National Orthodontic Month!

Surf’s up!

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