Halloween Teeth Recipe

Easy and Fun Halloween Teeth Recipe With Halloween right around the corner, we partnered up with our good friend and Surfside Mama, Ashley Newell to provide a fun and easy Halloween Monster Mouth [...]

Surfside Candy Buy Back 2019

Hey Surfers, We are so excited for our annual Candy Buy Back in partnership with our friends at Move America Forward. For the last 3 years, Surfside has been committed to giving back to our [...]

What Parents Should Know About Inspecting Baby Teeth

Today we’re hyper-focused on, say it with us, Preventative Care! As your child’s teeth come in gradually we encourage parents to introduce at-home care and habits early. Here are a few tips [...]

Candies to Avoid This Halloween

Enjoying delicious candy can be problematic for people who wear braces. So, you’re probably wondering what candies to eat and what candies to avoid this Halloween. You don’t have to avoid all the [...]